The Joy Of Painting - Dontchu Wanna

OP Preservation Pub Rooftop Sessions

The second video of The Joy of Painting's Preservation Pub Rooftop Sessions is here. "Dontchu Wanna" is another song off of their newest record, Tender Age, which is out now and available here. Aside from the fact that it's catchy as hell, this song features a bell kit instantly increasing it's awesomeness level. These guys play Knoxville somewhat frequently, so keep an eye out for the next time they come through town. 

If you want to see the first video from this stripped down video set, click here

#MM Caleb Hawley - Would You Even Try

Caleb Hawley: New York, NY

We're giving you a second helping of Merica Monday in honor of Thanksgiving week, so continue to feast on the neo-soul, funk/pop sounds of Caleb Hawley. These days, Caleb is sporting a new full band which is adding some depth around his already dynamic voice.

When asked about the new sound, Hawley commented, “While writing the EPs, I primarily listened to late 60’s and early 70’s Motown. I became pretty obsessed with how such simple songs could be arranged with such intricacy, so I took that influence and went with it. I also focused on centering the album around my voice, rather than guitar, as I had in the past.”

This song doesn't officially release until December 3rd, and it will be a precursor to two new EP's that are set to release in 2014. If you want to keep up with Caleb and be ready for those new EP's check out his website