Zach & Kota's Sweet Life - Zach & Kota's Sweet Life EP

Perfectly noisy. That's what this EP is. Perfectly noisy. It's not easy to be this loud and reckless-sounding while still being so melodic. Therein lies the cleverness of Zach and Kota's Sweet Life. It's that kind of controlled chaos that makes you want to throw a folding chair through a window, not in an angry way but in a revelrous celebratory kind of way. That sentiment, by the way, goes for their live performance as well as their debut EP. 

There are tracks like "Teal Jacket" and "Death and Timing" that have the kind of good-times blues-based rock n' roll feel reminiscent of The Weeks or even eraly Kings of Leon but with a little more edge. Then there are tracks like the opener, "Greyhound" that start out that way, but then open up into total raw power. Each of these tracks are served well by being played at a high volume. 

Then the record closes with the acoustic "Concerning Blood." Putting an acoustic track at the end of this EP almost feels like a cool-down jog after running a bunch of sprints. It's sweet relief from a soft and pretty tune closing with the comforting and repeating lyric, "it feels good to be alone."

Posted above is track #4 from the EP, "Death and Timing." If you want to hear the rest of the EP, Zach & Kota's Sweet Life is available now on iTunes and Spotify, and if you want to keep up with the band, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook

Click here to play on Spotify

Click here to play on Spotify