Kelsey's Woods - When The Morning Comes Around

When I asked Dave Kennedy of Kelsey's Woods if he considered their music to be country or Americana, I already knew the answer, but I wanted to ask him anyway. Due to the unfortunate uprising of bro country, radio country, pop country, or whatever you want to call it, the term "Americana" gets thrown around a lot more. Nobody wants to lump real honest-to-God country music in the representation of the genre that currently dominates the radio waves. 

Bands like Kelsey's Woods will get categorized as Americana or roots rock from time to time for that very reason, but make no mistake, When The Morning Comes Around is pure country. In fact, this record is everything that is great about country music. It's twangy. It's genuine. It speaks to the heart of any southern man and/or woman. And for good measure, at least one song has "whiskey" in the title.

If you want to hear more Kelsey's Woods, you can check out their Bandcamp. Also, be on the lookout for upcoming shows of theirs including June 25th on The Market Square Stage. 

Really excited to have had Dave Kennedy of Kelsey's Woods on The Red Couch. Their new album 'When The Morning Comes Around' is pure country awesomeness. Click the link at the end of the video to listen, and purchase it as well if you feel so inclined!

Posted by Knoxville Music Warehouse on Tuesday, May 26, 2015