Zack Miles - Northern Camp

I can't get enough Zack Miles. It's only been six months since his last release, and it's actually a little hard to believe that one person can put out records of this quality this frequently. The first thing that strikes me about Northern Camp is that Zack is showing off his instrumental ability a little bit more. He busts out the ol' harmonica in "Kings and Queens," and incorporates a little bit of electric guitar here and there, and throughout the record, he indulges in showing off his bluegrass pickin' chops. 

Zack Miles' playing style is like a swimming duck. (Stay with me...) Calm above the surface, what you hear is beautiful, somewhat tranquil folk singing. But underneath, his hands and fingers are furiously moving and picking, like a duck's feet propelling through water, taking the music where it needs to go. His vocals and instrumentation are contrasting, and that's one of the things that makes his music so compelling. 

If you want to hear more Zack Miles, you can check out his Bandcamp page. 

Starting a new video interview series on Knoxville Music Warehouse called 'Red Couch Chats' - Ten-second interviews cuz you got sh** to do. We're really excited about it, and cannot be more pumped to have Zack Miles for the inaugural video! Listen to Zack's new album if you haven't yet. It's really really good.

Posted by Knoxville Music Warehouse on Monday, May 18, 2015