Renee Is A Zombie - U are the U

Knoxville's music scene has a lot going on, and I probably can't show you something you haven't already seen/heard, right? Well how about a one-woman folk band with an accordion, flute, and glockenspiel among other instruments? Meet Renee is a Zombie, the solo project from Renee Arozqueta. 

On U are the U, Renee plays every instrument you hear, with the exception of cello and upright bass which were played by her producer and mentor Kevin Stever. This translates to live performances by way of a loop station, and it is something to behold

The sound of this record is peaceful yet somewhat dark, like the calming relief of a cool, overcast day in the summer. While the impressive and interesting arsenal of instruments are pretty awesome, Renee's songwriting and unique singing voice are what make her a standout. I'm almost certain this comparison falls short, but I feel like I sense a bit of Natalie Merchant in her vocals. 

While every song on the album shares the same serene aesthetic, it's the opening track, "A Seed of Questionable Origin," that I keep finding myself humming to myself throughout the day. It's infectious -- so much so that I'm not even going to apologize for that zombie pun you just read. Other highlights include "Out of Tune Guitar" (if you're into songs with lines about whiskey) and "Go" (if you're into killer harmonies). 

U are the U is currently available on iTunes and Spotify. If you want to check out more Renee Is A Zombie, you can visit her Bandcamp page or like her on Facebook. You can also check out Silo, Renee Arozqueta's other project, at