David Francisco - Built For Two

As a classically trained jazz musician, David Francisco is something of a rarity in Knoxville's music scene. The former band leader of the now defunct, awe-inspiring jazz outfit Maplehurst, Francisco's jazz background informs the music on his new EP, but it doesn't dominate it. Built For Two is a delicate, delightfully nuanced pop record with jazzy tendencies that would be right at home in any coffee shop. 

David is as versatile as they come and can play more instruments than most people have heard of. His new record Built For Two is a perfect avenue for showing off his depth but never at the expense of the EP's organic flow. Equally impressive as his musical talent is the ability to hold off on shoehorning virtuosic sax or guitar solos into every song. 

"Flower" is the jazziest and catchiest tune on the EP, and it is the perfect song to insert a solo showing off Francisco's saxophone chops. Then in "Water," a spectacular closer, David flexes his lead guitar muscles with a bluesy riff. All the horns and strings throughout the record are playfully subtle and very tastefully mixed. The thing that brings the whole EP together though, are David's vocals and lyrics. 

David Francisco's first solo effort was a long time in the making but well worth the wait. If you want to hear more David Francisco and/or keep up with whatever he has going on, you can check out his website and like him on Facebook