The Black Cadillacs - The Black Cadillacs EP

The Black Cadillacs haver released the long-awaited followup to their 2012 release Run. This self-titled EP features a few songs that fans of the Cads may already be familiar with as three of the tracks were released last year in a live session with Our Vinyl.

Produced by Ken Coomer (Wilco and Uncle Tupelo), this record employs the same gritty, blues-rock sound that has served them well over the years but a little sweeter on the melodies. It feels like the next step in the evolution of one of Knoxville's premier rock bands. There are also a few playful additions of new elements like some light synth at the end of "Methodrone," and effected, deep background vocals on "Go For The Gold." These guys are growing and trying new things while continuing to stay true to the genuine rock and roll their listeners have loved from them in the past. 

The biggest strengths of The Black Cadillacs are the rapport between bandmates and the passion and energy they bring to their live performances. Therefore, the main goal of their recordings is to recreate as closely as possible the feeling of experiencing them in person, and this EP is their best attempt so far. You don't have to imagine what these songs would sound like live for very long, because The Cadillacs are coming to the Bijou in April with fellow Knoxville rockers Johnny Astro and the Big Bang.

If you want to hear more of The Black Cadillacs, you can visit their website. You can also purchase this EP on iTunes or stream on Spotify