Madre - Losing Teeth & Other Strange Dreams

It seems a little out of the ordinary to find an indie-rock band from a landlocked state that is so clearly influenced by The Beach Boys, but hey, that's Madre. Out of the ordinary is kind of their thing. Losing Teeth and Other Strange Dreams comes with a mixed bag of tricks that begins with an 8-bit video game-ish intro, ends with a heartfelt banjo tune, and has all kinds of fun in between. 

Coming from the aforementioned Beach Boys influence, the harmonious "ooohh oooohhhh" backup vocals, which are the most pronounced on "Knox Angeles," are stunning compliments to the songs' melodies. Madre's bread and butter on this album, however, is the high energy, high paced rock that they've been known for. 

The ordering of the songs on Losing Teeth and Other Strange Dreams is interesting as well. It seems like Madre wanted to provide with their album, as close to the experience of them playing live as possible by ordering the tracks like a live set.  "Knox Angeles" with its quirky intro is a good opener. The energy stays high leading into "Ghost Town" which is a bit more of a dialed back, sweeter song. Then "Sorry Bro" is like the on stage banter leading up to a really strong closer in "Talisman." Then something special for all the listeners that stuck around for the encore, "Older" is a perfect sendoff that provides a whole new dynamic.