Dolphinhood - Sea Level

Hip-hop is so ubiquitous these days that coming up with something truly original seems like a difficult task. No one told that to Flight Crew. Jimmy Astro and FreddsDEAD have come up with something crazy, and its called "Dolphinhood." Evidently making a standard hip-hop record was too boring to the Tennessee based rappers who have made a concept album with characters, a back story, and a fully animated short. Everything about what they put out turns listening to the record into a full-on experience. 

Last summer, Milo, Moses, and Suzie took a leap of faith, quitting their steady jobs at Sea World to pursue their passions. follow dolphinhood to see what they create    - From

Going outside the box is one thing, but these guys have stepped outside the box, doused it in gasoline, lit it on fire, put out the fire, ran over it with a mack truck, backed up over it, and then ran over it again. No more box. 

Listening to the album is similar to browsing through the website in that it's a real trip. Sea Level is heavy on effects, a dark ambiance, and that specific brand of confident flow that comes from rapping in the point of view of an alter-ego. Grady Woodruff has the production credits, and he has done well to capture the sound of the world created for Dolphinhood. If you're not going to listen to the album from beginning to end, I suggest you at least listen to the epically building title track which is a highlight for sure. 

I could type for a long, long time describing this website to you, or you could experience it for yourself while getting a free download. To view the website, click on the image below.