Samday - Let's Get It Later: Thug Demotivation 101

WIthin the first minute of the his first mix tape, rapper/producer Sam Day addresses his own sound and style. "Say I rap like Danny Brown / Nah ***** It's Dizzee Rascal," is a line that immediately jumps out, especially from a rapper whose delivery does sound a little like Danny Brown at times and from a producer whose deep-synth beats can sound at any given moment like a Rascal track. Regardless of who or what it sounds like, it's interesting, and it deserves a listen with your full, undivided attention. 

Ten years ago, Samuel Benjamin Day acquired Fruity Loops in order to start making video game remixes. That hobby eventually turned in to making hip-hop beats, and from there, the organic progression was for Day to start rapping on his own stuff. 

Let's Get It Later: Thug Demotivation 101 is an alt-rap, heavily electronic slacker soundtrack that sounds like nothing else anybody around these parts is doing right now. For that reason, it was a nice bonus to see collaborations from Knoxville guys like J-Bush joining in on the fun. There are several other notable features on this album, and you can see the list and links to their sites at the bottom of Sam Day's Bandcamp

If you like what you hear, and you want to keep up with him, you can follow Sam Day on Facebook and Twitter. Also, Sam has told us that he's working on getting some shows soon, so be on the lookout for that. 

Let's Get It Later: Thug Demotivation 101