Josiah Atchley - Scoundrel EP

Josiah Atchley is a Knoxville-based singer/songwriter that you should be aware of. His newly released Scoundrel EP is a five-song collection of polished bluesy tunes with a hint of soul. The Scoundrel EP had been over a year in the making before its official release show back in July, but the finished product has proven to be well worth the wait. You can now pick up a physical copy at one of Josiah's shows. You can also download the EP on iTunes. While this EP is very good, Josiah Atchley is one of those acts that you can't get the full appreciation for until you see them play live. 

Atchley is a tireless performer, constantly getting up to play a variety of places for all different kinds of crowds. His experience shines through in his live shows highlighting his impeccable musical timing and instincts. Also, if you happen to catch him on a night in which he's enlisted "The Djembabe," Melanie Howe, to add some percussion to his set, you just found yourself one heck of a bonus. 

If you want to keep up with Josiah Atchley, including where he might be playing next, you can follow him on his facebook page

Album art for Scoundrel EP