Deconbrio - The Art Of Violation (Part One)

Deconbrio's The Art of Violation: Part One took me back to some of the heavy, industrial rock bands that I grew up loving; ands like Fear Factory, Stabbing Westward, and even Powerman 5000. I may be dating myself with that list of references, but oh well. I listened to The X back when it was 94Z, and I'm damn proud of that. 

This EP is dark, it's hard, and it has just the right amount of metal elements. Deconbrio have carved out a sound in the electro-rock/ industrial subgenre that really works for them. The synths and sometimes eerie effects serve the instrumentation well, setting up frontman, Danny Rendo's voice to move seamlessly throughout harsh screams and haunting melodies. 

Part One of The Art of Violation is the inverse of Deconbrio's forthcoming The Art of Violation Part Two. Part One deals with anger, pain, and betrayal, while Part Two will focus on forgiveness, regret, and acceptance. The end of Part One even begins the transition to a less dark conclusion with "Control" being the most catchy and warm song out of the five. 

So be on the lookout for Deconbrio's follow-up to The Art Of Violation: Part One. Also, be sure to catch them at Scruffy City Hall on August 9th. If you want to hear more Deconbrio, check out their Bandcamp, and if you want to keep up with their goings on, you can like them on Facebook