Benjamin iii - Dazee Age



Knoxville has hip-hop. It's easy to see if you're paying attention. Knoxville, more specifically, has more than its fair share of jazz-inspired hip-hop, and there is not a lot of it out there as smooth and as thoughtful as Benjamin iii's Dazeeage. With alluring instrumentation, a healthy dose of samples, and utterly impressive flow, Dazeeage is a fresh sounding enlightenment.

"Dazeeage is the story of a short time frame in my life where I became lost in my head in the midst of chaos brewing in my city."

If you place a high value on musical artists that insist on being original and try new things, then you may want to keep a keen ear on Knoxville's hip-hop scene. At the age of 21, Benjamin iii is one of a handful of young Knoxville area rappers that are doing some really interesting things. 

In addition to being a talented rap artist, Benjamin iii is also a photographer whose work you may be familiar with if you visit KMW often. As a photographer, he's worked with another Knoxville rapper, Taylor, Br-ndn, who also has a few cameo appearances on Dazeeage as well as a few others. 

If you want to keep up with Benjamin iii, you can follow him on twitter, @Benji3eyes.

Benjamin iii