Plunderphonics - Faceless EP

This EP has been a long time coming. It feels like it's been a year or more since the release of "Vivian In The Kitchen," but after hearing the rest of the Faceless EP, it was worth the wait. Faceless is all substance, and absolutely no filler. Featuring a few different producers creating each of it's lush-sounding tracks as well as an appearance by Christina Horn of Hudson K, Faceless is the first proper release of the hip-hop crew that calls themselves "Good Guy Collective."

Plunderphonics is a Knoxville hip-hop trio composed of Lane Shuler, J-Bush (from Theorizt), and DJ Wigs. The model of two emcees and one DJ a la Run DMC isn't the only thing that feels a little bit old-school about them. The group describes their sound as, "rooted in the boom-bap tradition of Hip Hop's golden era with a dense sonic undercurrent and head nodding lyrical prowess." 

Faceless is available for download in the name-your-price model, because Plunderphonics is cool like that. If you want to keep up with these guys, you can check them out on Facebook

It's all about we. It a'int about I. - Plunderphonics from "No Face"

Pay attention, Knoxville. There is an uprising of hip-hop artists here in this city. And ours are the good guys.