Handsome And The Humbles - Hallelujah Alright

We have a new(ish) Knoxville band for you to hear! Handsome and the Humbles is an alt-country band with a sound, as well as subject matter, that fits perfectly into East Tennessee. Their prominent, strong harmonies and rich guitar tones set up the songwriting nicely.

I'm not sure if there's an intentional emulation going on, but I hear shades of Jason Isbell in singer Josh Smith's voice. "Knoxville Lights" is a highlight for sure. I never get tired of hearing songs that are unabashedly wistful about Knoxville. The whole EP is definitely worthwhile though. 

The songs posted above are from an upcoming EP entitled, Hallelujah Alright, which will be officially released on December 1st. It will be the band's first EP. If you want to hear Handsome and the Humbles preform these songs live, they'll be having a CD release show at The Historic Southern Railway Station in Downtown Knoxville on December 9th.