Marina Orchestra - "Midnight Tonight" And "Body Language" (Acoustic)

Marina Orchestra: Acoustic Special #1

Every so often Marina Orchestra will do a special acoustic set around town. In fact, the first time that I got the chance to witness them live was for one of these acoustic shows. The intimate feel and the soft, beautiful sounds of acoustic guitar coupled with alternating vocals between Justin Powers and Jayme Hogan and Rachel Gurley made the "acoustic special" exactly that. Special

The song that stood out to me that night above all the others was "Midnight Tonight," and I was thrilled to see that it was part of the release. "Take on the silence" is a wonderful, chill-bump-inducing line, and it rings all the more powerful in a more simplistic arrangement. 

"Body Language" is a little bit more of an up-tempo tune perfect for showing off Alex Stephens's (who is Marina Orchestra's trombonist for their full arrangement) lead guitar prowess. Harmonies abound in this song, and that's always a good thing with Marina Orchestra.

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