You Just Don't - When Summer Turns To Fall

Obviously because of the title, the October release date for You Just Don't's first full-length record was premeditated. That's easy. Beyond that however, the sound and the feel of the record is perfect for that sweet time of year (right now) that the weather begins to turn cool. As I listened to this album for the first time, I was on my front porch staring at vibrant foliage not unlike the album art. Much like the way that the changing, contrasting colors of the leaves in early fall are enjoyed visually, this record has a lot of moving parts and different elements that come together to paint one big beautiful picture sonically. When Summer Turns To Fall has the kind of intricacy that comes from a project five years in the making. 

This record is Josh Manis taking his familiar voice and style of guitar fills that we all know and love from Gamenight and repurposing it for his solo project. When Summer Turns To Fall tries a few unfamiliar things that maybe wouldn't feel 100% fitting for a Gamenight record. I guess that's what solo projects are for, after all. The dialing back of drums, prevalence of acoustic guitar, and appearance of a banjo would suggest it being folk music, but of course if you can call this "folk," it's folk in Josh's own awesome, loopy way. 

Here are some highlights. The loops at the end of "An Awful Sound" are anything but. "How Little One Doth Know" turns from pretty to mesmerizing. "Sleuth" is a weird crescendoing tune and a fitting finale. It's all golden though. 

If you want to purchase the album or hear more You Just Don't, you can check out the website. Also, if you enjoy what you're hearing, you'll probably also enjoy Gamenight. Check them out here if you haven't yet.