Josh Oliver - Part Of Life

Josh Oliver released his second full-length record yesterday, and I cannot say enough good things about it. Part of Life  captures everything beautiful about being from the South. Almost every song title is something romantically southern. "Call The Preacher," "Over Yonder," and "Get Along Little Yearlings" are a few examples. Also, in one of the most perfect opening lines ever, "A'int Over Til It's Over" begins with "On the eastern side of the state of Volunteers..."

WIth some help from Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin, whom you may know as Mandolin OrangePart of Life has a gospel-bluegrassy tint, as well as some gorgeous harmonies, added to Oliver's already existing delightful Americana sound. It should also be noted that there is a lot going on musically for an album with only three musicians credited. If you happened to catch the show that they did together at The Bijou Theatre last week, you undoubtedly noticed a lot of instrument switching going on. Oliver is a multi-talented musician and most notably an acclaimed guitarist. 

If I may make a suggestion, this album goes best with some whiskey and a porch to sit on. But then again, what album doesn't?

If you want to purchase this album and/or hear more Josh Oliver, you can do both of those things on his Bandcamp page. Also, Josh recently joined twitter. You can follow him at @Josh__Oliver