GhstFcV - Majin

Knoxville has hip-hop. We have another newcomer in Knoxville's rap scene that is hitting the ground running. Meet GhstFcV, (Pronounced "Ghost Face.") the newest output from Knoxville hip-hop collective, Chief Panda. His debut record Majin has a dark aesthetic, especially on the tracks produced by T. Ant. Majin is mysterious and interesting in the way that you would hope a record by a masked rapper would be. "Wide Eyed," "Girlfriend," and "Sold" are highlights for sure. 

GhstFcV gives you abstract visions that can

not be seen within the eye. His first official

project "Majin" takes you on a trip through

the night while trying not to lose himself.

To check out more from GhstFcV, click on the image below to view the website and connect on twitter and instagram. 

Click here to see the GhstFcV website.

Click here to see the GhstFcV website.