Ben Gaines - Faces of the Past

Ben Gaines is about as versatile of a musician that one could ever hope to find. Just this week, as a band leader at one of his monthly Improv Nights at Preservation Pub, I watched him jump around on stage, singing, rapping, scatting, and direct both the band and the crowd with the sweaty passion and energy of a pentecostal preacher. It wasn't the kind of behavior that one would expect from a guy that recently put out a smooth, folky Americana record, but here we are. 

Faces of the Past is intrinsically a testament to Gaines's versatility containing shades of blues, folk, and bluegrass. Combine that with his other projects, and it's almost as if Gaines is a man determined to touch all bases of music. 

Enjoy the free download of Faces of the Past above, and if you want to check out more music by Ben Gaines, you can check out the Bandcamp page. Also, we are really excited that The Ben Gaines Band will be playing the upcoming Square Room Showcase (Presented by Knoxville Music Warehouse!) on Wednesday October 22nd.