The Knoxville Concerts Spotify Playlist

Knoxville Concerts is a new playlist up on Spotify highlighting upcoming shows here in town. Throw it on, check out who's coming, and find out who you like. Updated weekly!

The Knoxville Bands Spotify Playlist

Spotify is a powerful tool for music discovery, and Knoxville has some great artists with music on the popular streaming platform. In that interest of discovery, we have compiled a playlist choosing our three favorite songs from all of our favorite Knoxville bands that have music available on Spotify. While streaming from this playlist is completely free, we would like to strongly encourage you to purchase any music that you like enough to listen to repeatedly. 

It should be noted that there are some great bands and artists worth checking out from the area that do not have music on Spotify. Also, if you feel like we have missed some folks that should be on this playlist (bands from past or present), feel free to hit us op on twitter, and let us know who we're missing.