2015 UT Football Hype Video (With All Knoxville Music)


The weeks leading up to every Tennessee Football season brings in a handful of amazing fan-made pump-up videos, and every year I find myself wishing that these videos had some homegrown music in them. It finally occurred to me that I know how to edit video. Crazy, right? All this time. 

I knew just the songs that I wanted immediately. It's heavy on hip-hop, because the genre lends itself very well to football highlights, and I'm tired of hearing people say that Knoxville doesn't have hip-hop. Here it is. Soak it in.

It's absolutely perfect that The Black Cadillacs' most popular song is called "Choke," and we have clips from Steve Spurrier's post-game presser from the USCe game. A gift from the Football Gods. 

I would like to emphasize that I never once considered putting any Kenny Chesney song in this video. You Gator chomp unironically in a public place, and you lose Vol highlight video privileges. 

Here are the songs that are in the video. There are links to their music and social media in the video. 

  1. LiL iFFy - "1,000 Enemies"
  2. Tim Lee 3 - "Devil's Rope"
  3. Tone - "Run It"
  4. Taylor, Brndn - "The Ritual
  5. Black Cadillacs - "Choke"