Welcome to Knoxville Music Warehouse!

Knoxville Music Warehouse is the best way to follow Knoxville's music scene. You can hear new music from local bands, see what touring acts are coming in to town, and find links to explore more of their music. Be sure to check out the Live Music Calendar to see who is playing, where, and when.

There is so much to Knoxville's diverse music scene, much of which is unheralded or underrated. We're here to point at worthwhile music. Whether it's a local band, regional band, or touring act coming through town, we help sort through the clutter and keep you hip to the good stuff. 

Here are some of our regular segments that you can count on to get the inside info on Knoxville music.


Weekly Watch List

Get a weekly recap of all the notable recently announced concerts in one place! 


Five new excellent songs each week to add to your music library and playlists. 

Monthly Rundown

Spotify Playlist of bands coming to town for the current month. 

The Early Bird Special with Zeno Songbird

Zeno Songbird gives his weekly pick for the best music at a reasonable hour. We know not everyone can stay out rocking until the wee hours of the morning, and we're here to help. See a show and get to bed on time!

Festival Fix with Lexi Rodriguez

If you’re jonesing for a little more of the local musical milieu,you’ve come to the right place. Every week Festival Fix will provide you with the latest in Knoxville’s music festival news: from newly announced lineups and additions to musician features and band news. Get your fix here. 

Top 5 Live Music For The Week

Every Friday, Kent Oglesby goes on Mornings with Fox 43 in the WBIR studios for a video segment previewing the top live shows for the upcoming weekend and following week. If you miss the segment on TV, we'll have it right here on the KMW blog! 

KMW Original Videos 

In addition to pointing you toward the best new music, we also have original video content. Interviews (including our Red Couch rapid-fire interviews), music videos, live performances and more can be found right here on KMW.

The Weekend Mosh With Jamie Bigevil

Every weekend, Jamie Bigevil takes a look into Knoxville rock; anything you can mosh to. With interviews, upcoming shows, reviews, and more Jamie is the voice of Knoxville's hard rock, metal, and prog scene.