#MM Lazer Kitty - Hyperion

Lazer Kitty: Seattle, WA


Since finals are either here or fast approaching for students, we thought that taking a Merica Monday to bring you some instrumental tunes that are good for setting a nice musical background would be appropriate. Enjoy Seattle's Lazer Kitty and their progressive space-rock sound as well as a free stream of their newest album Moons on their Bandcamp

Moon Taxi - Running Wild

Moon Taxi On David Letterman

Nashville may claim this band as there own, but gosh darn it, Knoxville claims Moon Taxi too because their keyboardist, Wes Bailey, went to Bearden high school. Two cities can be proud of one band. Nashville can get over it. 

Moon Taxi has been gaining an awful lot of traction. They've been touring steadily, and you may remember a few months back they headlined at The Bijou here in Knoxville. They've had a few songs featured on some television shows, and this past Monday, they made their television performance debut on Letterman.

If you want to hear more Moon Taxi, their new album, Mountains Beaches Cities, is available now. You can preview and/or purchase it from their website

The Saturday Giant - The Fix

The Saturday Giant: The Birdhouse 11/5



His Knoxville show is on a Tuesday, so you'll get a normal sized Phillip Cogley on November 5th at The Birdhouse. If you've never seen a show by a one-man band utilizing a loop station and drum machine, it's definitely something to behold. There is so much that the artist needs to have command of, and The Saturday Giant is downright impressive in that regard. An indie-rock take on the one-man band with pop-melodies and looped reverb goodness is what The Saturday Giant will be bringing with him from Columbus Ohio. The Show starts at 9pm. If you want to hear more Saturday Giant, and enjoy some free downloads, check out his bandcamp. It's definitely worth checking out.

#MM Sleigh Bells - You Don't Get Me Twice

Sleigh Bells: New York, NY

We did a 'Merica Monday post on Sleigh Bells a few weeks back, when they released a video for their debut single from their new album. Well now that their album has been released, it's time for the follow-up. Bitter Rivals  is an interesting one. For a duo in which one of the members is merely a vocalist, one would expect the tendency for the band's progression to be towards doubling down on effects. Not so for this Sleigh Bells record. In fact, this album scales back a bit on effects from a guitar distortion standpoint. However, in terms of energy level, Bitter Rivals  brings it as hard as Sleigh Bells ever has. If you want to hear the album in it's entirety, you can stream it here