#MM Hoodie Allen - Cake Boy

Hoodie Allen - New York, NY

It's not often that upon first listen, a rap song will compel me to lean back and purse my lips as if I'm mouthing the word "ooooohhhh" to nobody in particular more than once. Two lines and an onomatopoeia got this involuntary reaction out of me in Hoodie Allen's "Cake Boy." I won't tell you the lines that did this because I don't want to spoil anything, but I will tell you that at 1:55 there is a masterfully placed "schwoop!" that still gives me chills. Hoodie is an interesting hip-hop act. His production is a mixed bag of more electronic style beats, instrumental beats, and soul beats with varying samples. His flow is fantastic, and his references are clever and can come from anywhere at any time. His music is definitely worth exploring, especially since he's so generous with his music. You can stream and download a whole lot of his songs from his website.