Peyton & Eli Manning - Football On Your Phone

I'm not sure just what in the name of Bubba Watson is going on here, but I love it. It's been over fifteen years since Peyton took a snap for the Vols, but Knoxvillians still keep tabs on his every move. So when he teams up with his brother and makes something as incredible as this rap video, twitter explodes. And it's fun. 

I want to show you some outside perspective through youtube comments for two reasons. For one thing, you don't often hear anything disparaging about the royal family of football 'round these here parts.  Also, mean youtube comments are hilarious to me. If you don't already know this, EVERYONE on youtube is the meanest person ever. It's fantastic. Youtube commenters are mean to the people in the video, the most popular public figure related to the video (In this case it's Lil' Wayne.), and funniest of all, they're mean to each other. The majority of these comments were 12-year-olds and foreigners who failed to understand that it was a goof, quick praises, and people simply typing their favorite lines like "Look at this guy using his phone as a phone." I've cracked through the shell of trifling remarks to bring you the most succulent malice this youtube video had to offer.