Sale$ - Let's Get It (F/ Chef Jab)

Hanna's In The Old City: Hip-Hop Takeover

Tomorrow night, Hanna's in The Old City will be taken over. As part of the Knoxville Film & Music Festival, some of (but most certainly not all of) the best rappers in Knoxville and the surrounding area will be putting on a show in the Old City night club. It will be an interesting mix of styles. Most of these acts are the kind of dirty-south, underground music that makes your side mirror vibrate when you play it in your car. There's also some alt-hip-hop that can be tricky to more specifically classify. And oddly enough, if the Oversat that's on the poster is the Oversat that I know, that's a punk-rock outfit. Soooo that could be interesting. Here are some links so you can see/hear what's going on.

While all of these acts have the capacity and the talent to put on a good show, I will advise you to look out for Sale$. If you take a walk through his soundcloud, you can see the progression. The early songs show some talent, but if you start from a year ago and work your way up to present day, you can see how he's improved on his craft. Graduating from the mix-tape mindset of rapping over everybody else's beats, he's developing his own style. It's working out nicely for him. Sale$ dropped this song that features another Knoxville rapper, Chef Jab, on his soundcloud just a few hours ago, and it hasn't even taken that long for it to grow on me.

I have been and continue to be really big on Knoxville rapper/producer Dominic Gillette. He's one of the most musically innovative hip-hop acts in town, and he's not afraid to try out varying sounds and styles in his music. When it comes to his flow, he knows when to press the right buttons which is one of those things that comes easier to someone that makes their own beats. 

If you want to see for yourself that Knoxville has hip-hop, come on out tomorrow to Hanna's. Show starts at 10.