Boys Rule - Country Hospitality (f/ Lil' Moldy)

I once said that I would never post anything about my own music. I lied. In honor of the year's best holiday, Flag Day, also known as my birthday, I thought I would let you all in and show you my hip-hop crew. Everyone... <dramatic pause here> Meet Boys Rule. 

Boys Rule started in 2009 as kind of a gag, and it continues today as... well... still kind of a gag, I suppose. I jokingly tell people that I'm "either a fake rapper in real life or a real rapper in fake life." Gag or not, though, we put our best effort into it. There is no feeling more gratifying to us than making people laugh, and that is reflected in every song that Boys Rule has made. We write about what we know. That means Nickelodeon shows, Troll 2, 90s nostalgia, iPhone apps, UT Sports, and fast food. 

Members of Boys Rule include some people you may have heard of. Luke Rutherford and Evan Story of local clothing company Pocket Clothing , Houston Kress who hosts Tennessee Sports Radio's The Rumor Mill  on Saturdays, and Tim Branch, who you may or may not know under the onstage alias DJ Stoopkid, are all core members of Boys Rule as well as Knoxville-based cover band Hootie & The Brofish. 

"Country Hospitality" is Boys Rule's latest song to be released and it features audio from the best/worst movie of all time, Troll 2, and the young, talented Lil' Moldy. 

All of Boys Rule's songs are available for FREE download on my personal Soundcloud if you're interested.