#MM Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - Thank You

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip: Brooklyn and Queens, NY (Respectively)

Two of the best rappers to ever come out of New York's vast hip-hop talent pool reunited for a collaboration this week. Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip have both been relatively quiet as of late, but both rappers have some big things coming up in the near future. Busta signed with Cash Money back in 2011 (which would explain the intro by Birdman and Lil' Wayne), and his long-awaited Cash Money debut is set to release in 2014.

Meanwhile, Q-Tip is touring with Kanye West (Which would explain Yeezy's cameo role in this song) as A Tribe Called Quest performs their last shows ever. Yeah. As if Kanye needed any more boosts to his ego, one of the best rap groups of all time will be taking their farewell tour as his opening act. Oh well. Seasons change. Torches get Passed. Circle of life and so on. 


Dopplegangsta - Previously on Dopplegangsta

Peelander Z, Crumbsnatchers, and Dopplegangsta: The Bowery 10/17

The craziest show of the year may very well be at The Bowery on Thursday night. From a band that is known for making their live show the closest thing to a live-action comic book in Peelander Z, to a group that did a show so hype they got banned from The Cider House in Dopplegangsta, there's no telling what kind of crazy ish is in the works for this one. 

Lord Faulteroy and Reginald Birch were kind enough to do an interview with us about the show. 

 KMW:  As far as rap persona names go, Lord Faulteroy and Reginald Birch are definitely outside the box. How did you guys come up with those?

Faulteroy: My momma was hellbent on giving me a name from the bible, and my stepdad was like, "Lord's the best one."  I've had my a** kicked outta so many vacation bible schools because of it, when I was a kid.  Those who think it's blasphemous can just call me L.  Or they can just y'know...kiss it.

Birch: My first name is Reginald and when I was a teenager I watched the s*** out of that movie Simon Birch. It really helped me get through the bullying and s*** I went through in high school. When I found out it was a true story, I was even more inspired, so I took little dude's last name as a tribute.

 KMW: How in the world did you guys get hooked up doing a show with a Japanese rock band?

Faulteroy: We've always caught [Peelander] any time they've been in town, and it's hands down the most insane show I've ever watched.  Lots of crowd interaction, which is what we're into.  Good vibes all around, and that goes for Crumbsnatchers as well.  This show's gonna have it all.  The promoter of the show saw us perform at Exam Jam at what used to be the Cider House a long time ago, and thought it would be a good combination.  That was the same show that got us banned from playing there for throwing about 200 cheddar bay biscuits into the crowd during our set.  Birch and I are both super excited for this show, though.  We hadn't played out for quite some time cuz Birch turned into a dad, so we were excited to have someone actually come to us with a show offer.  It was flattering.

Birch: We've been Peelander fans since we saw them a few years back, and when dude putting the show on hit us up to see if we'd be interested in opening for them, we s*** ourselves and then said "We'd love to." 

KMW:  Is this the first show you guys have ever done at The Bowery?

Faulteroy: Yeah, man.  If Birch says anything about me doing slam poetry there, it's a lie of the devil.  Truthfully, I stay so busy, I haven't even gotten to step foot inside the place, so as far as I know, it could be ballin', or it could be basement.  We'll do us either way.  It's gonna rule either way.

Birch: Yes. Unless you count the time Faulteroy did some spoken word shit there back when it was called Blue Cats or Fiction or whatever. That s*** was stupid, so we don't talk about it much. Good venue though.

 KMW: To people that haven't seen you live (without giving anything away if you want there to be surprises) what can someone expect at a Dopplegangster show?

Faulteroy: We try to keep the party vibe running the entire set.  I hope they have big subs (the speakers, not the sandwiches) at the Bowery.  We're gonna burn it down, while our very own DJ Wintery Mixx keeps it cool.  Windshields will spiderweb.

 Birch: They can expect all kinds of fun stuff. We get up there, rap our a**es off, and have fun. Usually, the crowd gets really into it even if they don't know the songs. Sometimes I'll try and freestyle about some random female in the crowd. I don't do it that much anymore because one time I said some filthy shit about this dude that looked like a girl. He was all, "That ain't a dude, she just looks like Tilda Swinton." Dude looked more like Conan Obrien, to be honest.

Plunderphonics - Vivian In The Kitchen

The long awaited debut single of Knoxville hip-hop crew, Pluderphonics was released over the weekend, and it did not disappoint. Plunderphonics have been doing shows around town for a hot minute, and it's now time for their music to be properly recorded so that you can listen any time. 

This is a young, talented group that has some exciting times ahead of them. "Vivian In The Kitchen" is a warning shot, Knoxville. Be sure to catch their CD release show for their new EP Faceless, on Halloween Night, which promises to be a party worthy of the holiday.