#MM Pretty Lights f/ Talib Kweli

Pretty Lights: Fort Collins, CO

Talib Kweli: Brooklyn, NY

Two of my favorite artists of any genre released a collaboration back in July, and somehow I didn't find out about it until this past week. I am embarrassed. Checking the Pretty Lights website for new tunes had been a somewhat common ritual, but time got away from me. "Around The Block" is one of many, many (like a whole lot) of good tracks from PL's latest release A Color Map of the Sun, and one of the coolest things about Pretty Lights is that all of his music is available for FREE download on his website. That's hard to beat. 

Rusko - Yeah

Rusko: NV Nightclub 10/14

One of England's biggest producer/djs has made his way across the pond for a North American tour. Rusko has been rocking crowds for years, and he's making his way to NV Nightclub on Monday night. Energy, pace, and thumping bass are what Rusko is known for, and his fun, upbeat take on dubstep is perfect for a good time at an NV show. If you want to hear more Rusko, you can check out his website at RuskoOnFire.com


#TBT Huglife - The Cave

 #TBT Huglife aka DJ Slink 2012

This week's #TBT is a cut from Huglife before Huglife was Huglife. Huglife (Then DJ Slink) remixed Mumford & Son's "The Cave," and what resulted was a track that showed their English folk sound in a whole new light. I actually see this track as the more true Mumford; not the Mumford that gets played in Paneras and Starbuckses across the country, but the too turnt Mumford that gets kicked out of Atlanta strip clubs. Yeah. Now that's Mumford.