Adeem The Artist Enlists A 'Scruffy Choir' For New Holiday Song "Scruffy Little Christmas"

I'm such a sucker for holiday songs with sleighbells and horns and any song that mentions Knoxville landmarks. Adeem The Artist's "Scruffy Little Christmas" has both and it's currently making me melt like the fraser fir Christmas tree scented candle burning right next to me as I type this. 

The song features Dale Mackey, whom you may know from Dale's Fried Pies, on trumpet as well as a caroling choir of friends. It's credited as the "Scruffy Choir" and it includes Mackey, George Middlebrooks, Shawn Pointer, James Kolpack, Jody Collins, Robert Felker, Meg Dooley, and Hannah Bingham. 

The artwork was done by Jody Collins aka Feral Giant

"Merry Christmas, you scruffy animals in The Pub and The Pilot Light."