'A Very SNWF Christmas' Is Sure To Brighten Your Holiday Season

Raise your glass of nog to the Sharing Needles With Friends guys for this one. Their new compilation holiday record, A Very SNWF Christmas, is chock-full of Christmas cheer. 

It has a few tracks we know and love that have been around like Madre's "Scruffy City Christmas" and a Gamenight ruins rendition of "Deck The Halls." Most if it though, is new material (or new to me at least) and a mix of original songs and Christmas standards and covers.

Knoxville artists on A Very SNWF Christmas include Gamenight, Meob, Adeem The Artist, Zach Gilleran (of Sweet Years) and more. 

We wanted to pull together a group of friends and make our very own Christmas album, one that WE would be excited to listen to. This collection contains some of our favorite people and musicians. We are glad this all came together, please enjoy! - Gene & Derek

Gene and Derek, the hosts of SNWF, get their hands dirty on this record a little as well. They're credited on four of the 16 songs on the album. If you've never listened to the Knoxville-based podcast for music and vinyl lovers, we highly recommend checking it out. It's very good during the holidays and beyond. Clark, it's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.