Rebecca Black Is Coming To Play Barley's In July... No, Really

Okay… first of all, we gotta give a shoutout to Rusty Odom of Blank News who was all over this weeks ago. It took me a looooong time to realize that he wasn’t joking when he posted the concert alert on the Second Bell Music Festival Facebook page that Rebecca Black was coming to Barley’s in Knoxville to open for [get this] Philadelphia-based experimental rock band Man Man.

The post read like a madlib. It might as well have said, “Dan Fogelberg is coming to The Pilot Light to open for T-Pain.” I read it, thought it was pretty funny, and scrolled on. Then, when I was taking a look ahead at the Barley’s concert calendar, there it was. July 13th. Man Man w/ Rebecca Black. Still thought it was some kind of prank.

The next step was to check out Man Man’s tour dates on their website to cross reference. Sure enough, they had over a dozen dates in 2019 with Rebecca Black. “But surely it’s not that Rebecca Black, right?” The Rebecca Black who as a 14-year-old racked up over 100 million views on Youtube for her spectacularly infamous music video “Friday”? The very same.

There aren’t many recent videos of Rebecca Black performing live to get a feel for what her opening set might be like. The closest thing we could find was the video posted above, but even that was from 2016. Man Man is badass and always worth the price of admission on their own anyway, so if you’re also curious to see what a Rebecca Black concert might be, then maybe make plans to check it out on Saturday, July 13th at Barley’s in The Old City. We are…. And we we we so excited.