Milkshake Fatty's Logan White talks Heart of Town Fest & more; Rooftop Collective back with 3rd annual Afterpalooza

Mind of Sterfrii by Sterling Martin


Did you miss me? Well, it couldn’t possibly have been any more than I missed you. Mind of Sterfrii needed time to reboot and reassess—and it feels really good to be back in time for summer! Enough small talk. What are you doing tomorrow tonight, Friday, April 26th? 

After Volapalooza or even instead of being stuck on campus, head over to the third annual Afterpalooza at the Bearden Brickyard. The night is hosted by Rooftop Collective and features performances from local acts like Thelodaboi & PeeZman, SKITTY, Flight Crew and more. The rest of Tennessee will be properly represented as well with artists such as YGTUT, Michael da Vinci, Kemosabi, Lul Lion and plenty more. 


There are also artists on the bill from everywhere between here to Cincinnati to South Florida, making this one of the most expansive end of school celebrations Knoxville has ever seen. Come out early at 7:30 for the aux cord party with UT’s Study Break Cypher’s team.

Four I’m Feelin’

Manic Focus – “Never Grew Up”

 STS9 – “Monkey Music” [Live from San Francisco] | 1.26.2019

Lettuce – “Krewe”

Sleeper – “Yonks”

Spotlight: Logan White of Milkshake Fatty


Logan White is a founding member of the band Milkshake Fatty, whose roots in Knoxville have helped them establish a solid fan-base and consistent stage-time over recent years. The drummer was born here and began playing around the age of 10 on his cousin’s drum kit. His family had mistaken his playing for his cousin’s and were impressed from that point on. “The first time I sat down behind the kit, it just felt right,” he recalled. “I was always the type of kid who would ‘play drums’ on every surface, so I guess it was a natural transition to the actual instrument. I began taking drum lessons around that time, too.”


In 2012 White and guitarist Cameron Moore started jamming together in college. The two quickly became best friends and played together regularly at house parties in the Fort Sanders neighborhood as Milkshake Fatty. This was the first edition of the band, which lasted until 2015.

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 After the duo graduated from UT they stopped playing house shows in the Fort. There was a period of almost a year where they didn’t play together in public. Their thirst to play live still was far from being quenched, though. Under the new name of the Cam Duffy Band they began adding new members. It didn’t take long until they changed their name back to Milkshake Fatty. They played their first gig in summer 2016 in Memphis alongside Moore’s former band from his hometown. This new edition of Milkshake Fatty was a trio with Ashton Williams on bass. 

They started playing monthly at Preservation Pub, and immediately added Chuck Mullican on saxophone and Aaron Mastin on keys. Mastin was then replaced by Ray Bacon on keys not long after. The band has shown no signs of slowing down, as they have become somewhat of a household name in the past year. Leading up to last weekend Milkshake Fatty was featured at the Heart of Fest on 4/20. White gave his opinion on the festival and more for the return of my artist spotlight. 

MF collage.jpg

How was your experience at Heart of Town Fest this past weekend? What’s it like gaining more and more recognition as you grow in Knoxville?

 Anytime you get a chance to play alongside friends in other local bands, it’s a win for everybody. The festival had a great turnout with a high-energy lineup, and it kept everybody moving all day. The combination of live local music, local food trucks, beer and vendors is a familiar setting for this town. We love festivals like this, and Heart of Town had its own unique vibe when compared to our other annual festivals. The venue space at Riot Printing was a perfect location, in my opinion. The Born and Raised crew have been putting on some great events, like what they did with The Outpost. I’m looking forward to what they’ve got planned for the rest of the year. 


 What're some of the habits or rituals you guys have when it comes to preparing for & playing shows?

Aside from rehearsals, all the guys are able to prepare on their own time to come together for a good performance. Milkshake Fatty is a live band, so there’s plenty of room for improvisation. As long as we’re rehearsed on the material, the rest just comes from locking in together and having fun. 

MF edits-3.jpg


 Where’d the name Milkshake Fatty come from?

I think we were jamming one day, and it just sort of popped up in conversation. It was a joke that stuck. It then carried over to the current group, from when this band was playing college house parties in its earliest form. 


What accomplishments have you reached so far with the band? Do you guys have anything in the works right now? 

We’ve played a lot of shows in the past three years — so getting out and sharing our music is and has always been our top priority. Looking ahead, we want to record a live show and also get in the studio for a four or five song EP. 

You can keep up with Milkshake Fatty on Instagram @milkshakefatty or Facebook, and catch them live in Knoxville at one of their upcoming shows:

 April 30th – Preservation Pub

May 2nd – Barley’s in the Old City

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