Tastemaker Colt Cupit talks upcoming Sinister Six show, Daily Chiefers & more

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Spotlight: Colt Cupit


When Colt Cupit refers to himself as “just a guy doing some music shit,” he’s either being modest or more than likely he’s just saving you from a five-minute explanation of all the things he actually does. From writing to editing to managing to throwing events and more, he’s proven himself to be an increasingly versatile force in every lane he pursues. At 23 years old, he’s already achieved a level credibility and validation that some industry “professionals” spend their whole lives striving for.

He first began getting involved in music by rapping and making beats in his dorm. By the time 2015 rolled around, he threw his first few events and even opened up for YGTUT the first time he brought him to up to Knoxville. After a few events gone right and a few gone wrong he saw the potential in terms of live music and pulling people together. Quickly Cupit realized he not only needed a network of connects to create something sustainable, but that he further could be one of the people to help push all of his musician friends around him forward if he put his own music on the back burner.

“I thought there was no point in making music if I don’t have a platform to push it through, so I’d rather create a platform myself,” Cupit recalled. He started taking the event promoting and managing more seriously which naturally led him to writing and working behind the scenes in the blog world after co-founding Knoxville-based Rooftop Collective. Early in 2018 he landed a spot writing at Daily Chiefers where he quickly gained the title of editor. Through the countless events he’s been involved in leading up to today, it’s evident that he knows how to throw a good party.

Today, Colt lives and works in Virginia Beach as a nuclear engineer for the Department of Defense on top of everything else he’s got going on. He refers to himself as having “the Batman-Bruce Wayne duality” in that aspect of his life. His work ethic is without a doubt one of the reasons he’s become so successful in each facet of life, which only makes his potential in each that much greater.

This Saturday Cupit will make his return to Knoxville for the Sinister Six show he’s hosting at The Outpost in collaboration with KMW. A few of the artists he officially manages like Thelo-Que and BreezePark are on the bill as well as acts like SKITTY, Notty Taylor and more. Doors are at 8 pm, get there on time to make sure you don’t miss any of the dope acts! You can grab your tickets using this link.  

I got the chance to catch up with Cupit about the show, his current position at Daily Chiefers and more for my first artist spotlight of the year.

Especially with it being your first event of 2019, how are you feeling about the upcoming show this Saturday at The Outpost?

Can’t say enough how stoked I am to start off 2019 in Knoxville with the original gang. I’ve got a lot of big stuff planned this year and it feels good to kick it off with a hometown show. We’ve got a lot of talented artists and some serious tastemakers coming out, so it’s going to be a great night of entertainment and networking that should hopefully be a positive force for the scene.


What can the fans and attendees expect?   

When we sat down to plan this event out, we knew we wanted to stick to our roots while still being innovative in the way we present our bread and butter. It means a lot to be able to partner with Knoxville Music Warehouse as we continue to try to shed light on the talented artists releasing music in East Tennessee, and this event is an extension of that. Each of the six co-headliners represents a different demographic and fan base, and when they’re all brought together you really get a good look at the cross section of talents that make up the Knoxville rap scene. In a city like this, rap is often seen as what I’ll coin as a ‘villainous’ genre and it isn’t often you get to see it put on a pedestal like this.

I’m a huge nerd and have always been a fan of comics and graphic novels. I constantly find myself relating my love for media like that with the world of rap and music, and I think it’s really cool to see the two intertwine. So when considering the theme of the show I thought it would be dope to name the event after the famed league of villains, The Sinister Six. You’ll see a lot of these elements come into play on Saturday night, as we are pulling out all the stops when it comes to production. Throw in the fact that we get to host it at the dopest venue in town right now and it’s hard to think that our guests will have anything less than an experience.


What’s it like working with the Daily Chiefers team and having your opinion validated in a way on such a large scale? 

Working with Chiefers has been nothing short of a blessing. Learning from some of the biggest and most influential people behind the scenes of the world of music that I love so much has only amplified my desire to grow and continue to seek out my goals. Having a team like that behind me, and a platform with that much influence, has really provided me a chance to gain a newfound confidence in myself and my ventures. It often operates closer to a family than a blog, and that right there is not something you find every day in this industry.


Being that you’re a writer, editor, event-promoter and taste-maker, how do you balance these tasks and more when it comes to music? In what ways have you become more efficient in tackling your jobs?

I’m still kind of shitty sometimes when it comes to the balance aspect. On top of the entire music life I live, I also have a full time job as an engineer and a pretty serious girlfriend, so even just balancing those can be difficult. Mix that with my brain constantly jumping from idea to idea and it can get hectic sometimes, but I somehow have found to make it work. Honestly, having a great team to bounce ideas off of and hold you accountable for executing the ideas you decide on is the most valuable thing I have going for me in that regard. Without a good set of devoted people it’s hard to get anything done, so I’d have to say I often rely on my friends to help me see my visions come to fruition.



Looking back at 2013, what were your goals then as you began creating music? Fast-forward to 2019, how have those goals changed and further how do you see yourself accomplishing them? 

Oh shit, 2013? Well first off I didn’t know anything back then, and I’ll probably do an interview 5 years from now and say the same thing about myself now but back then I really didn’t know anything. So I’d say I’m well on my way to accomplishing what my early goals were back then, which is to consistently learn and grow in the world of music. Fast-forward to now and I still have those same goals, I just have a lot more things to apply them to. I still want to learn and expand, but I’m hoping to accomplish it in my own way and by helping those around me achieve the same thing. This year I want to see my influence grow farther and continue to spread much needed positivity in this industry. Expect to see a lot more Rooftop events, exclusive projects, and hella surprises coming this year—as well as some other crazy projects that I’ll be having my hand in.