More More More Off To A Strong Start With "Voices Shake Me"

MMM_SP_JS (2).jpg

We have some New Knoxville Music to share with you by a project fronted by a familiar Knoxville musician. Jonny Sexton (who’s celebrating a birthday today! So share this song with your friends as a birthday present.) has teamed up with musician and producer Stewart Pack (Pegclimbers, The 1-900s) for a new band, and dare we say, “supergroup” called More More More. A two-member band is technically the smallest supergroup you can have, but with as strong a resume as both members have, this should qualify.

The formidable duo has released their first single “Voices Shake Me.” It’s a lush, beautifully built track with sweeping synths and an almost house dance-ish beat to it. It’s an interesting new direction for both musicians, and we’re looking forward to (forgive me.) more more more from them in the hopefully near future.

Many may recognize Jonathan Sexton from his work most recently with the epic 90s tribute band Teen Spirit as well as with the band from a few years back that bore his name, Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir.

“Two summers ago I realized that I needed to make creating original music a priority, and that I wanted it to be something different,” explained Sexton in a Facebook post last month. “At the time, I thought it would be this "Rock Opera" I had been working on since college-Two years later, there is no Rock Opera, but there is a new partnership and new music.”

If you want to catch More More More live, you’ll have a chance to do so at Barley’s on Friday, October 5th with Sharkfight and Art Smashes Records.