Top Five Live Shows In Knoxville For The Weekend (9/21/2018)

It’s a big weekend in Knoxville and not just for music. There are many events celebrating food, beer, the arrival of fall, and of course, the force of evil known as the Florida Gators come to Neyland on Saturday night. We’re here to only talk about music though, and there are a ton of great bands to see in the upcoming week!

There’s one more music event that we wanted to share with you that didn’t make it into the Top Five segment on Mornings With Fox 43. Mass Driver and The Bad Dudes are going to be rocking tonight at Open Chord to raise money for Young-Williams Animal Shelter. It’s always a great thing when there’s good music for a good cause!

If you want to see a more comprehensive listing of shows worth checking out, you can peep our full Live Music Calendar.

Here are the shows we talked about in the segment: