Night Colors Ready For Next Steps After Debut EP And Music Video Release

It’s kind of insane that Knoxville’s Night Colors just now put out their debut EP. How The Night Began was released last month, and the title is a play on this being the “beginning” of Night Colors. However, this brother-sister pop duo really began (then under the name “Hazel”) in summer of 2015. If you want to get technical about it, the genesis of the band goes back even further. “Hannah and I would just sing together all the time growing up,” explained Elijah Cruise over coffee at Remedy.

The EP was produced and mixed by the renowned Will Carter at Eleanor Studios. Elijah says that the band’s identity and sound has grown organically over time, “We would say, ‘Let’s try some stuff. What feels natural?’” As a synth-driven pop band, Night Colors has to be cognizant of the fact that they’re not always going to be able to translate everything exactly from their recordings into a live setting. In a way that forces Elijah and Hannah to put a heavy focus on songwriting and putting their vocals in the forefront. The result is a collection of dynamic songs that can hold up in multiple iterations.

“Every song we make, we want it to be an emotional experience,” Eli explained. “We want you to feel something different on every song, and the next step for us, I think, is adding a visual component.” They’ve already gotten off to a really good start in that regard. Directed by Blake Watson, the music video for their lead single “Suburbs” is a beautifully shot narrative video set in a fancy mansion.

The debut of How The Night Began kicked off with a sold-out release show at Pretentious Beer Co. You’ll have another chance coming up, if you want a chance to check out Night Colors live. They’ll be playing at Jig & Reel on October 10th for WDVX’s Tennessee Shines Radio Show. So you’ll get a chance to see them in person, or if you can’t be there, tune in live on the radio.

Exciting times are ahead for Night Colors to be sure. They’re starting to put together tours and out-of-town shows, so if you’re reading this from outside of Knoxville, be on the lookout for Night Colors coming your way.