Copper Reunites on the Open Chord's Stage for Anniversary Show

Knoxville had the very rare opportunity to see Copper reunite and perform their album The Fragile Fall on the intimate stage at Open Chord for a sold-out show. This year marks 15 years since its release (feeling old yet?) and all of the original band members from the album were able to perform at this show. Frontman Keith Wallen has also found plenty of success since this album and moving on from Copper -- from Adelitas Way to his solo music and current career with Breaking Benjamin.


Sang Sarah took the stage next, a band I've covered on KMW before when they opened for Deconbrio last summer. The band is based in Asheville, but they used to live in the Johnson City area. Once you hear Sang Sarah, you won't forget them. Jenna Duvall's vocals are haunting against the heavy music that draws inspiration from metal, goth, and punk. They performed several songs from their latest release Dismantle, including "Mouth Full of Sin," "Lichen Remoras," and "X-Ray Eyes."

Sang Sarah at Open Chord | Photo by Rachel Craig


Direct support came from Inward of Eden, a groovy hard rock band from Knoxville similar to artists like Shaman's Harvest, Adelitas Way, and 10 Years. Lead singer Dusty Owen manned a vintage-style microphone while guitarist Chris Gaumond opted to play more in the crowd than on stage. The band has been promoting their sophomore album called Mind Control, including songs like "Ghost of Amelie" and "Slow Burn." They also performed a good cover of the Beatles' "Come Together."

Inward of Eden | Photo by Rachel Craig

Copper did not start their reunion with a flashy entrance. After setting up and cracking some jokes with the crowd, they kicked off their set by performing The Fragile Fall in its entirety -- in reverse order. Although it's been a few years since their last reunion, Copper sounded like they haven't skipped a day since their last show. Many fans of Keith Wallen know him for Breaking Benjamin, so it was nice to see him shine as the lead. The band's co-founder and guitarist Shane Bragg brought energy to the stage, while drummer Brack Owens and bassist Brad Reynolds rounded out the band's recognizable early-2000s rock sound. 

The Fragile Fall includes songs like "Turn," "By Now," "Tomorrow," and "Conversation." After finishing the album, Copper continued with playing a few songs from their album Exchange, "Miss December" and "Change." Former member Shawn Lickliter also joined the band on stage to create yet another reunion. Overall, this show celebrated the history of this great rock band from Knoxville that should have seen a bigger future, but Wallen's recent work with Breaking Benjamin has launched him into an incredible career that will only be bolstered by their upcoming album release, Ember. It was an incredible opportunity to see the members of Copper go back to their roots and bring a fun, stripped-down rock show to their long-time fans.