Blond Bones 'Sierra EP' Is Five Songs Of Surf-Rock Excellence

Knoxville/Nashville dual-citizen band Blond Bones is one of our Rhythm N' Blooms 2018 artists to watch. 

Blond Bones' configuration is interesting, because they have not one but three excellent songwriters (Christian Barnett, Joe Rebrovick, and Joey English) in a band of four people, and the other one is an ace drummer in Daniel Ryan. Joey English and Joe Reb have each put out superb solo EP's of their own in the last few months in addition to the newest Blond Bones release. This foursome is a winning combination to be sure. 

This most recent EP from Blond Bones, Sierra Ep, is technically their sophomore effort. They released their debut Few of Days a little over two years ago, but this most recent EP is almost a completely new band playing totally different music. 

Opening with the title track, "Sierra" is a super catchy song with a poppy hook that has enough weird sounds and quirks to keep it interesting. "Looking Glass" is probably the funkiest song on the EP built around the bass groove. (Even as I'm writing this review, I'm dancing like a goon to this song in my office chair.) "Young Hearts" makes a compelling case for being the strongest track on the EP with its repeating chant of "Why is our house on fire?" and the crescendo of dancing guitar harmonies at the end. Each song is a highlight, really. There's not a single second of filler on the whole EP, and you can drop in to any part and get right into it. 

When asked for comment about the making of this record, Christian Barnett responded with the following:  

“The Gettysburg Address, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, The Constitution Of the United States of America, the Tragedy Of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Jaws, Sierra EP.” - Official Band Statement.

I don't think that was all at all a serious statement, but here's one from me: You should give the Sierra EP by Blond Bones a listen and catch their set on Saturday at Rhythm N' Blooms. 

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