Knoxville's First Pop-Up Music Venue Coming This Fall To Happy Holler

The Outpost opens on November 1st

The Lonely Biscuits at Sunset on Central | photo by Fletcher Burkhart

The Lonely Biscuits at Sunset on Central | photo by Fletcher Burkhart

Born & Raised Productions, the music promoters who put on Sunset on Central, Splash Town, and all the shows at Pretentious Beer Co. in The Old City have something new cookin’. Looking for a home base to book and promote shows during the colder months, the Born & Raised boys are partnering with Abridged Beer Company to present The Outpost, Knoxville’s first ever pop-up music venue.

What exactly is a pop-up venue? Well, it’s a music venue that’s going to “pop up,” put on shows for five months, and then it’s gone forever. Abridged recently bought the building (formerly Modern Studio and Holler Performing Arts Center), and they have plans to turn it into their second location next year. For the time being though, they’re letting B&R transform the space into a fully-functioning

The Outpost will be an 18+, club-style venue, which means mostly standing-room only shows. The address is 109 West Anderson Avenue in Happy Holler, across Central Street from Central Flats & Taps.

Fletcher Sunset 2018_0082 copy.jpg

According to the press release, since it’s a temporary thing, B&R is going to try to make every show a special one. They’ll be bringing back some of their favorites that they’ve worked with before from events like Sunset and venues like Pretentious. Each show will have something new and different about it, and you’ll just have to show up to find out what that might be. There will be holiday shows, album releases, special showcases, and there was the hint of doing a few weirder events here and there. Who knows what that could mean?

The announcement of the venue itself also came with the announcement of The Outpost’s first handful of shows which you can see below. Born & Raised has promised that a lot more shows will be announced very soon. <eyeballs emoji>