From Knoxville Via Mexico, Indie Artist Octavio Is Making A Name For Himself

Hear His New Song "4Letterword"

“Born in Mexico. Raised in Louisville. Live in Knoxville.” It’s a simple, but effective Soundcloud artist bio.

“Due to the complicated nature of his parents’ immigration, he couldn’t get a job at 16, so he challenged himself to work on music instead,” his more lengthy, official artist bio paints a beautiful picture of a talent being born our of necessity; of a hard situation being turned into a positive.

A dynamic talent, Octavio is a rapper, singer, guitarist, painter, and skater. In the time that he’s not writing songs about his own experiences, he turns to visual art as an outlet, “painting his worldview onto a canvas,” as he puts it.

Octavio’s young career is off to a stellar start. His debut single “Life2Live” was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. More recently, his new release is a single called “4LETTERWORD,” a breakup song that deals with the pain of being cheated on. In less than a month, it’s up in the multi-multi thousands of plays on Soundcloud.

OCTAVIO’s second single 4LETTERWORD deals with the visceral and emotional pain of being cheated on by someone you love. Attempting to self medicate, he weaves in and out of feelings of love and hate, all the while trying to push past his depression to find clarity, move on, and find love in himself.

You’ll definitely want to keep an eye/ear out for any music Octavio has coming out in the (hopefully) near future.