Top Five Live Shows For The Weekend (1/5/2017)

Welcome to the first weekend of 2018! You made it. Congratulations. Your reward is a weekend full of wonderful local live music acts to catch in Knoxville. No concerts at the Bijou Theatre, Tennessee Theatre, or Mill & Mine this weekend, so if you're hankering for some live music, it's time to hit the bars. 

We have a bonus show for your consideration: Daniel Kimbro's 'Fappalachia' is at Barley's on Friday night. It would've been in this week's Top Five, but I'm pretty sure I can't say "fap" on television. There are some excellent players joining Daniel on stage tonight including Andy Wood on mandolin! 

Here are the shows we talked about in the segment:


BONUS VIDEO: Since it's the first weekend, it's also time to take a look ahead at the whole month of January. I joined Jac B at Boyd's Jig & Reel to preview our picks, and you can watch that here via