KMW Premiere: Hear Caleb Hawley's Funky And Powerful New Song "I CHOOSE"

Caleb Hawley's new record may very well be that breakout album that puts him on the proverbial map. Love, Drugs, and Decisions is a lush mix of funk, throwback 90s R&B, chill vibes, and that electro-pop sound everyone seems to be going for these days. Despite the album's overall funkiness and danceability, it deals with some pretty serious subject matter, as the album's title suggests. 

Love, Drugs, and Decisions is set to release on Friday, September 15th, and Caleb was kind enough to allow us to share "I CHOOSE," one of the previously unreleased songs, a little early. 

"Watch me.

I'ma be with the one I wanna be

And they can't take that away from me

Ima let them keep on judging me 

So come on just keep on loving me 

I choose"

"I CHOOSE" is about loving who you want to love despite criticism, particularly when it comes to family. "Families have a bad habit of discriminating, and if you're one of those people who have stepped outside the family box, you've probably faced some devastatingly hard decisions," says Hawley. "It's not easy going against those who gave you life, but it's hardly a life when you're living a lie." 

You'll have a chance to catch Caleb Hawley live in Knoxville in October. Friday, October 20th, he'll be at Pretentious Beer Co. in The Old City. Tickets are on sale now and moving quickly. 

If you want to hear more from Caleb Hawley or connect with his socials, you can check out his website