Cam Bean's Dope New Song Is An Addictive One

Knoxville rapper Cam Bean is putting out quality on a consistent basis. Following up on an earlier post about Cam, he's been releasing a new song ever Friday for a few months now. His newest song "Drugs" is the 10th and final installment of that series. "I've decided to stop uploading every week. I'm going to be working on new projects and still release banger singles when i want," said Cam on Twitter last week. All of the songs are worth checking out, and you can find them on Cam's Soundcloud

"Drugs" features Lil Trillium and is produced by ElevateToday who produced one of Cams previous songs called "Rounds." Lil Trillium is a rapper from right down the road in Maryville. You can check out more of his stuff like his song "Avatar" on his Soundcloud.  It's a slowed down, vibed out track with kicking bass, so props to ElevateToday for that. It's a proper finale to the once-a-week releases for sure. Be on the lookout for more projects from Cam Bean.