Notty Taylor On Point With Latest Record 'GetMeThru'

Hip-hop in Knoxville continues to make big strides. The talent pool is growing, and some of the scene's now veterans are really zeroing in on their craft. One such artist is Notty Taylor. (formerly Taylor, Br-ndn)

Taylor's latest official release is GetMeThru, a long-awaited followup to his Cutlass mixtape. For a few years, he's dabbled in one-off singles and features. Those have all been cool, but he was certainly due for a proper full length release. 

GetMeTrhu is ten tracks of tight, real lyricism over an eclectic mix of lush beats. From the jump, the twinkly, ethereal beat on "Ask4," the listener knows they're in for something unique. The whole vibe throughout is just cool. Notty's flow is dynamic, genuine, and effortless as he weaves intricately though each track.

The album dropped this past Friday and came with special GetMeThru merch as well as a Southeast tour. The next Knoxville date, by the way, will be at The Concourse on Friday, July 28th for Soul In The City with Young Rove, Raywoods, and Young Honcho. Her's a video with a peek at some of the GMT merch. 

You can pick up a copy of GetMeThru on iTunes / Apple Music as well as stream on Spotify. You can also hear more of Notty Taylor's music on his Soundcloud