Rapper Cam Bean Channels The Doors In New Single "My Fire"

Knoxville has hip-hop. 

Cam Bean is a guy in the rap scene here who has been getting better and better with every new piece of music he puts out. It's getting to a point where all the youthful energy and potential are materializing into talent, and the result is something genuinely original. 

His newest single, part of a series of one-offs, is called "My Fire." It borrows a part of verse one from "Light My Fire" by The Doors for its chorus, and the melody can be picked out a little bit in the verses. The beat, produced by Pharaoh, is an ear pleaser and the subtle horns are a really nice touch. Add Cam's chill flow to that, and the whole track comes together very nicely. 

The song features the really smooth and refreshing flow from Jarran Ahaz, a rapper from Church Hill, Tennessee. (Side note: That has to be the first time I've ever typed the phrase "rapper from Church Hill, Tennessee.") You can hear a few more songs from Jarran on his Soundcloud

Cam is releasing one song each week on Fridays via his Soundcloud. "My Fire" is the song for week three, and the tracks from weeks one and two are dope too and definitely worth checking out.