Electric Darling's Long-Awaited Debut, Self-Titled EP Is Here

Electric Darling has been an all-star team since they started in 2015. "With members of the Dirty Guvs" was used as a hook for local writers like me to draw eyeballs to articles about them in their earliest days, but they've since played their way out of that and become completely their own thing. Kevin Hyfantis and Cozmo Holloway anchor the band with their signature guitar stylings, and Yasameen Hoffman-Shaheen (aka Yaz) is every bit the charismatic star that you'd want your frontwoman to be. And my God, does she ever have the pipes for it. 

For as long as they've been moving crowds with their soulful rock n' roll, it's hard to believe that they're just now getting out their first official release. Some things are simply worth the wait. 

Electric Darling released their debut, self-titled EP on June 16th. The first thing that jumps out, before even hitting play, is the album artwork. 

The EP kicks off with "Hard Times" and it's a great opener. You get just enough of everything in this song as an appetizer with the funky bass line, Yaz's vocals, and cool guitar licks. Then they open things up with "Breaking Me Down," at which point the EP is actually starting to feel like one of their shows. It's early in their setlist, and they're just getting warmed up. 

"Coming After You" is for sure a highlight. With Cozmo's wailing guitar slides near the end of the track, I had to double check that I hadn't accidentally switched over to an early Drive-By Truckers record. 

True to form, the EP has a closer as well. "Hey You" builds and builds to a rock finale that makes you want to stand at your desk, or in the seat of your car, or wherever you're listening and call for an encore. 

Electric Darling is the quintessential but you gotta see them live band, and that's not at all a knock on this record. The EP seeks to harness the energy of their live show, and it does to an extent. There is a lot of foot-tappin' and movement to be had when playing this EP. Trust me though -  you gotta catch them live sometime. Do it. 

You can pick up Electric Darling on iTunes as well as stream it on Spotify. Be on the lookout for shows that Electric Darling have coming up as well, because you'll for sure want to check those out.