Waynestock 7: Monument To A Tuneful Love

“They say this world is going to a dark place, but here at Waynestock, all I see is love,” Wayne Bledsoe addressed the crowd the final night of Waynestock: For the Love of Drew 2017 while surrounded by friends, family, and community.

The annual local music festival started in 2011 by a group of friends in the Knoxville music community to support the family of News Sentinel entertainment writer Wayne Bledsoe after the death of his son, Andrew Bledsoe. It finished its 7th year strongly and began the 2017 music festival season with the embodiment of love and support for all Knoxvillians. 

With a magnetic lineup that spanned two electrically tuneful nights, the audience was privy to all walks of music from the alt-punk Sweet Years and grunge, metal-punk of The Billy Widgets to the flowing lyricism that was The Good Guy Collective to Americana favorite Andrew Leahey and The Homestead to the soul-rockin sounds of Electric Darling.

The final night ended with a tribute of musicians departed. And the crowd stood quiescent during Mike McGill’s sobering rendition of ‘O Death’. The entire tribute lasted an hour. The festival lasted two days, but the idea of Waynestock lives on in the hearts of Knoxville as we begin this new season. 

Here are some more pics from the whole weekend at Waynestock 7. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge. 

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