Waynestock 7 And More! | Top Five Live Music Events For The Week (2/3/2017)

It's a huge weekend for live music coming up. There are a lot of excellent Knoxville bands in action on Friday and Saturday at Waynestock. As if that weren't enough by itself, there's a big show at The Mill & Mine, The Square Room, and The Concourse as well. 

Note: That Furstenfeld show at The Square Room has a limited number of tickets remaining. So if you're a fan of Blue October and you want to see that special acoustic show, don't wait to get tickets at the door. 

It's such a big week that fitting the note-worthy shows into a list of five wasn't doable. The two bonus shows that we added to the Top Five are funk-rock favorites Backup Planet Saturday at Scruffy City Hall and Coin on Thursday who have a hit song out now called "Talk To Much" at The Concourse. 

Here are the shows we talked about in the segment:


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